Led by Nadia Piet, this research project aims to map the emerging field of people, practices, education, and professional opportunities at the intersection of AI & Design. Think of it as a cartography project: an effort to map the intersection and entanglements between AI and design.

How do AI and Design intersect from a design POV and what does this landscape look like?

A/ AI for Design: How does AI impact design?

B/ Design for AI: How might design(ers) shape AI?


Jan 2022 - Dec 2022


We’d love to continue this work in a sequel that dives deeper into any or all of the elements & dynamics we started mapping.

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This provides a foundational mapping of the not-yet-defined AIxDesign field and creates a share language / understanding of the different practices within it.

It should help anyone with an interest to navigate the space, where they may want to position themselves within it, and have starting points to continue on their learning journey. This could be helpful for younger professionals, but also organizations to discover collaborators, or identify new opportunities.

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Within this project, we choose to work with a Miro board instead of a living doc instead of compiling a “final report”. The aim of this was to experiment with removing traditional barriers between gathering research / presenting insights / inviting community input into a singular flow & source. We hope this in-flux, non-linear mindmap allows people to explore the information in ways that serve them, and encourages visitors to add their own insights & experiences.


As part of our research, we interviewed inspiring practitioners working in AI and Design. In these conversations we discussed the motivations behind their work and mapped the ecosystems and intersections of AI & Design as they saw it. We discussed specific educational programs, career opportunities, and research topics they were personally excited about in the AI and Design space. 


Roaming & aiming to create a navigator to the intersections and entanglements of AI and Design, here’s our V1 ecosystem map as part of the AIxDesign Cartographies research project. We made this through a mix of desk research, bookmark hoarding, and participatory research. In 2022, we hosted 2 generative workshops where we invited the AIxDesign community to help us map the space which we supplemented with data from our Library. This is only V1 and we’re inviting your input for the next iteration >>