Latent Identities

How would you label someone you love?

We have entered an era where AI-generated images are crafted from words rather than real-world references - lacking the quality of the human experience. Latent Identities explores the gap between how computers see us and how we see ourselves, questioning accuracy and emotional truth in AI representations. Can we overcome the biases and limitations of AI with a more nuanced and compassionate approach? And how can practices from other disciplines help us to witness and describe people more authentically?

A collaboration with The Hmm and AIxDESIGN and funded by SIDN fund, this project aims to develop an interactive tool that helps people grasp and subvert the unrealistic perfection of AI-generated images. The journey includes research and the design and build of an interactive experience, culminating in a presentation at the "Poetics of Prompting" exhibition at MU Hybrid Art House during Dutch Design Week and from October 4 to November 24, 2024.


Project Lead
Research & Creative Lead
The Hmm

Lillian Stolk


Jun 2024 - Oct 2024


A collaboration between AIxDESIGN and The Hmm, funded by SIDN Fonds

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