We host events, run community-led research projects, and make public resources to democratize AI literacy and critical discourse, practice critical & creative thinking, and research and prototype new ways of being in relation to AI and technology.

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Fabian Mosele leading wonderful workshop Animating AI characters, you can see him overseeing five computer curious people with their laptops in front of them. They have mostly apple computers, you know.
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Activists, researchers, data scientists, creative technologists, artists and designers as imagined by Dall-e.
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Nadia Piet is explaining something about AI and design to two men in black. Literally, they are both wearing black tops.
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Pages of Story&Code report flashing in a speed of almost light.
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Our Team

We are community-led, independent / DIY, and largely volunteer-run organization. At this moment in time, our core team exists of 3 people, each whose hours are 1/3th of paid time and the other out of love.


Back in 2018, there were designers & artists sprinkled around the world - scrolling through dev repos, experimenting with AI, questioning algorithmic affordances, not knowing there were others like them.

When Nadia Piet launched the AI meets Design toolkit, it served as bat signal for this community which evolved over the years to come

In 5 years, we have grown from a Slack group to a self-organised global community of 8,000+ computationally-curious people.

Today, we remain an independent community, working in the open, dedicated to conducting critical AI design research for people (not profit).

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OUR CONTributors

We are community-led and -run organisation. We would not manage to do all the work that we did over the years without the hands / eyes / brains of the wonderful community that is helping manifest ideas into realities.

Jazmin Morris

Artist + Educator

Soyun Park

Eryk Salvaggio

Researcher + Artist + Educator

Kwan Suppaiboonsuk

AIxD Co-founder + Creative Technologist

Maria Than

Fred Wordie

Artist + Creative Coder + Critical Designer

Bo Dautruche

Writer + Researcher + Strategist

Nikhil Dharmaraj

Critical AI Researcher

Cailean Finn

Abdo Hassan

Critical AI Researcher + Poet

Kes Inkersole

Creative Technology Strategist

Jenny Kim

Master Student + Researcher + AIxD Intern

Computational Mama

Tara Monheim

Multidisciplinary Designer + AIxD Intern

Yasmin Morgan

Creative Technologist

Fabian Mosele

Animator + Artist

Nadia Nadesan

Writer + Researcher + Designer + Slow AI

Adriaan Odendaal

PhD Researcher + Designer

Erik Peters

Interdisciplinary Artist

Brian Policard

Podcast Host + Community facilitator

Andreas Refsgaard

Vera van der Burg

PhD Researcher + Artist

Amritha Warrier

Karla Zavala Barreda

PhD Researcher + Designer

Alexia Achilleos

Cypriot AI Artist + Researcher

Vilja Achte

Aarati Akkapeddi

Christoph Bohne

Yifan Butsik

PhD student + Research Assistant HCI/d + AIxD

Luca Cacini

Peitong Chen


Designer + Illustrator

Luke Conroy

Interdisciplinary Artist

Nick Cremers

Tania de Sousa Dias

Digital Ethics + AI Researcher

Guido Duijn

Diarmuid Farrell

Anne Fehres

Interdisciplinary Artist

Radwa Fouda

Cody Gallo

Maike Geber

Sinem Görücü

Researcher + Designer

Udita Gowdety

Computer Science + Art

Yaboi Hanoi

Cultural Technologist + Composer + Researcher

Connie He

Karthika Kannan

Deniz Kurt

Leo Lau

AIxD Community Gardener

Anne Lee Steele

Community Manager

Juliana López

Stein Louisse

Maya Man

Emily Martinez

Chloé Michel

Creative Technologist + Educator

Ioana Mischie

Katharina Mumme

Designer + Researcher + AIxD Community Gardener

Aleksandra Naydenova

Strategic Designer + Researcher

Oyidiya Oji Palino

Digital Rights + Social Justice Activist

Matias Pina Aguilera

Catarina Rodrigues

Leda Sadotti

Felipe Sanchez-Luna

Renée van Holsteijn

Karina Zavidova

Malak Sadek