<Story&Code> Screening Aftermovie is Live!

Looking back at 2023, the <STORY&CODE> program and IRL screening at MACA Amsterdam of our residents’ experimental films was a true highlight bridging our online community from the worlds of URL to IRL, it felt so special and affirming to meet like this, hear our voices without lagging, and see how tall we all are.



Mar 2024

decroative corner decroative corner
decroative corner decroative corner

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We invited videographer Steven Elbers who ended up doing much more than create an aftermovie of the gathering, but managed to visually tell the story of AIxDESIGN in what feels like a 3-min mini documentary of our own  watching our story expanded like this gets us all up in our feels - making us snap out of the day-to-day to appreciate for a moment what we’ve built here together over the past years 🥹 sit back with some popcorn, have a look and let us know what you think!

Big thanks to Steven Elbers for the storytelling & Kubus for the beat, of course all the resident artists, our event partner @filmforwardnl , and everybody involved in <S&C> and AIxD at large. Here’s to more collective creation, more (non)sense-making, and more 3D meetups in 2024!