Prompt Étiquette

In 2022, generative AI exploded and the discourse along with it. People tend to take polarizing sides, but the reality is nuanced and frazzled; and left for us to figure out together. Refusing to settle for passive acceptance or outright rejection generative AI tools, and assuming the absence / delay of legislation / regulation around these developments, we ask:

How might we develop a moral compass around generative AI; a prompt etiquette if you will? What guidelines can we seek out for working with generative AI tools and not being an asshole?

We began unpacking this in our <STORY&CODE> artist residency program, research, and report, and felt affirmed in asking good questions together; even if we didn’t know the answers yet. Connecting with Luca, who their background and interest in new media art and artistic research, I asked them to continue travelling down this path to see where we’d end up.


Research Lead:


Jun 2023

decroative corner decroative corner
decroative corner decroative corner