Open call for Participants <STORY&CODE>

We’re inviting two different types of creative practitioners to apply as participants: Animators / Digital Filmmakers & Creative Technologists.

After you’re admitted into the program, you will work in duos and will be matched based on your skills and interests within this niche.

The program starts with an official kick-off, followed by four modules that include speaker sessions, workshops, tech support and group feedback as you work towards a small milestone. The modules will cover the different phases in the development process of a trailer, for example scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation, editing, and/or sound design. The exact nature of each module is currently undefined, but will be announced in the weeks to come. After the modules, there is development and reiteration of delivery drafts, which is followed by our final showcase.




Feb 2023

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Who you are?


We are looking for filmmakers who engage in animation or other forms of digitally-fabricated storytelling who want to explore the role of AI/ML during the development of a trailer or teaser.


  • Have a concept in mind (could be at an early-stage or ongoing) that you’d like to bring into and develop during the program. Please elaborate on your story concept in your application.
  • Have an existing digital fabrication or animated storytelling practice.
  • Have experience and past projects in film and/or animation (junior to senior - all welcome).
  • Have an interest in exploring AI/ML in your creative process - open to approach it with a curious, critical, playful, and reflective mind.
  • Enjoy creative and multi-disciplinary collaborations.
  • Are EU/UK based


We are looking for creative technologists who are passionate about creative applications of AI/ML within films and eager to collaborate with animation filmmakers in exploring this.


  • Are a creative technologist (/you may go by a different job title but you know who you are).
  • Are comfortable experimenting with AI/ML This could be no-code tools, straight Python, or ideally a combination. Please elaborate on the tools/techniques/languages you’re comfortable with in your application.
  • Have an interest in film/animation/storytelling/arts.
  • Enjoy creative and multi-disciplinary collaborations.
  • Are EU/UK based.


  • You’ll be able to create a teaser or a trailer.

  • Participants of this artist residency will gain unique insight into the creative potential of AI and Machine Learning and how these technologies can be used to create compelling stories.

  • You will have access to the latest technologies, resources, and mentorship to explore and develop innovative projects that combine technology and storytelling.

  • You will engage in creative collaboration with experts and peers, and will gain valuable experience to further your creative practice. Our residency will provide a unique experience to work with a team of experts to develop innovative stories that explore the impact of AI.

  • Through collaborative workshops and in-depth expert sessions, you will get the opportunity to broaden your skillset and gain in-depth knowledge about several interdisciplinary themes.

  • Visibility for your work through SUBLAB & AIxDESIGN channels.

  • In addition, there’s a stipend of €500 per participant in total.

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  • An initial idea for a trailer/teaser.

  • An open mind and experimentation mindset.

  • The willingness to learn together in a non-competitive environment.

  • Excitement about collaborating with other disciplines / creative technologists.

  • Time & commitment. It’s quite flexible and we estimate the time investment to be around 2-3 days/month split between the public events, group sessions, and duo playtime.

  • Keeping a ‘process log’ with your experiment outcomes, learnings, and reflections along the way - parts of which we’d like to share within the research.

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  • Happy to know you’re interested in our residency! Please fill the application form here or below (even if you don’t meet 100% of the criteria), we’re looking forward to learning about you

    The application deadline is on the 21st of February 2023 (23:59 CET).

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